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Life Lessons! Life Lessons!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


subtitles please :S

Abnorvell responds:

{Hi boys and girls, my name's Pretzel Seed and I'm here to teach you valuable life lessons- NO! You grub I will destroy you. Please don't hurt me Mr. Blob, I just want to teach the kiddies *sob*! Shut up and let me devour you! You know you shouldn't really pick on people that are smaller than you, it's not very nice and it hurts my feelings *cries*. Aw, you're right. Let's have a nice cheeseburger on me. So *sniff* so, you think you learned a lesson today mister giant green booger monster? NO! *omnomnom and wails of peril*
*Caveman grunts "end"*}
I don't have the .fla file any more, so that will have to do.